The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #109 Fri 08.07.09

Forget? To write the blog? Who, me? Friday my favorite singer/songwriter and easily appalled BFF Brien Travis guested on the show. H was appalled at some of the odd news stories we talked about. There's the Chinese bride who has a veil 1.2 miles long. It cost just under six grand. And it was the groom's idea.

Then there's the 600 pound guy in jail who hid a 9 mm handgun AND 2 clips under the folds of his body. He fessed up to the hidden weapon. And some to the letter Burger King employees asked a family to leave because their six-month-old was barefoot. A six-month-old can't even walk. But they were enforcing no shoes, no shirt, no service. Harsh.

Brien was thrilled, however, at the cover of Paris Match. It's a topless Sharon Stone. She's 51 and looks sensational. To hear Brien's magical hour he spent with Sharon when he was 17, you'll have to listen www.thejaneellen.com click on Hear Jane. All I'll tell you is he says she smelled like expensive rain.

Jeanine Mason won So You Think You Can Dance.

American Idol will have female pop stars guest on the show and by January they hope to have a permanent replacement for Paula Abdul. Again, FOX, I'll do it for just a million. OK, half a million. That's a bargain.

The movies out this weekend are Julie & Julia a PG13 comedy, indie film Paper Heart rated PG13, and the not-screened-for-critics-and-expected-to-tank GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra, also PG13.

Many new things will be posted on the website before midnight Sunday. Be sure to check it out.