The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #112 Wed 08.12.09

American Idol-related people all over the news. Jennifer Hudson had her first child on Monday. The baby is named after her fiance, David Daniel Otunga, Jr. 7lbs. 14 oz. Simon Cowell is getting a bump up in salary. He's going from $36 million a year for Idol to $45. And that's just for Idol, not the other shows he does.

Cheese Puffs really are delicious.

Kelly Clarkson, as we mentioned yesterday, is on the cover of Self. And it continues to hit the fan. The story is about her weight and how she's cool with it, which I'm glad about. However she is Photoshopped. As I would hope I would be if I were on the cover of a magazine. Or my driver's license. The point is, she was asked to be on Self for her self-image and they changed the shape of her face and body. The Self people say they wanted "to make her look her personal best."

It seems that teens in Great Britain are the most style conscious. Who knew?

DeWayne Johnson is the newest Ambassador for the Diabetes Awareness Campaign. 24 million Americans have the disease and over 6 million don't know they have it. He is juicy hot by the way.

Just thought I'd throw in I love my new phone. I didn't want or expect to have to replace my old one a year and a freakin' day after the warranty expired. But the maroon EnV3 is totally working for me. Nice to have a battery that holds more than 20 minutes.

If you have to offend someone, a study shows that they should by lying down. People react differently down instead of standing, when they night attack. This study means that MRI's might not be as effective to show some things because of the position of the patient when they are being studied. So next time someone really ticks you off, but you feel in danger, ask them to recline. Let me know how that works out for you.

This led to Adam and I talking about all sorts of offensive behaviour. You really should listen. Go to www.thejaneellen.com and click on Hear Jane. The new recipe this week is awesome. It's a different kind of meat loaf. And I have always been anti-meat loaf so the fact that I love it means a lot. It's called Brown Sugar How Come You Taste So Good Meat Loaf. No, I couldn't just call it meat loaf. You make a sauce that is BBQ-esque. It's moist. My whole family loves it. And that's saying something. It's almost like saucy meatballs. Only in loaf form.

My children are now opening umbrellas in the house. Their mother really should be a bit more hard-nosed. This blog is over.