The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #106 Tue 08.06.09

Birther Queen Orly Taitz is not a fictional character. Though you'd think it watching her in action. Just find every bit of video you can from the past week or two. Fascinating. The birthers, by the way, are those who believe the President was not born in Hawaii and is not a U.S. citizen and is, therefore, not the president. Today is his 48th birthday.

Adam Cravens and I spent a lot of today's show showering Kevin Smith with love. Adam has admitted that he would cry openly if he ever met Kevin and Kevin failed to groove him. I don't see how that would be possible. Their love of comic books and sci-fi alone should seal the deal. Then we spent much time discussing Bruce Willis. Find out why Adam mancrushes in such a serious manner. Click on Hear Jane at www.thejaneellen.com. Of course you can grab the podcast from iTunes as well.

Brien and I were in a store recently and saw a belt with a large Star Wars belt buckle. I felt that would invite beatings. Adam then told the story of how he once denounced Star Wars, publicly, because he thought it would help him get somewhere with a girl. And then a cock crowed three times.

Elle Magazine has an article on Jennifer Aniston with perhaps the hottest photo of her I've ever seen. She's shirtless, but wearing a jacket, it's black and white, and she's wearing jeans. It is smokin'. Adam and I concluded that she is hotter now at 40 than she ever has been. Look, I know the photo has been airbrushed. But still, they started out with some good material.

A food historian claims that the British invented haggis before the Scots did, but they are all about it these days. She has found references to it in recipe books. We've never had haggis. But I am willing to let Adam eat it for me.

And a woman is suing her college for her tuition, 70 grand, because she got her bachelor's in April and hasn't found a job yet. Sure it's frivolous. Yet clever. Adam suggested the college take her degree back.

Be sure you check out the website for many new things this week. We will be announcing the Kimochis Toys winner and a new giveaway. The recipe of the week, Mean Mr. Mustard Mushrooms and Onions is delightful, full of buttery goodness too. Everything is better with butter. Check back and check often for the latest.