The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #126 Tue 09.01.09

Gotta love a record-breaker. Jason Mraz is having a very good year. I'm Yours first hit the Billboard Hot 100 chart in May 2008. It made it to #6 in September 2008. It's been on the charts for 71 weeks. The former record-holder was How Do I Live, the LeAnn Rimes version that sat on the charts for 69 weeks. You see, there was also a Trisha Yearwood version, meant for the film Con Air. I forget which singer the movie chose in the end, but both released the song. Hey, Con Air was a while ago. But it did have John Cusack in it as I recall. Sigh.

Speaking of attractive, yes, I agree, Richard Gere does have a nice head of hair and he still looks good in those jeans. As promised I did watch Nights in Rodanthe. And thought of Dan from RunPee who likes to get three minutes of time in which you can break away from the movie. Well, I thought you could leave the movie pretty much the entire run of it. Though the house/hotel on the beach and the interiors were stunning. And Richard did pose in a lot of doorways and lean on stuff and just look dapper. But there were so many stretches of no dialogue and then when there was dialogue I found it to be, what's the word, ponderous. And then there's all the crying at the end. Adam asked if it was a Nicholas Sparks story. And yes indeed, he was right. I have been accused of only liking movies where things blow up and go fast. That's not true. Casablanca is one of my favorites, as is Notorious, and they're pretty darn romantic when you get right down to it. However, they are also well-written with interesting stories to tell. I have been accused of not being sentimental and having too much testosterone. Meh. I just want to be entertained. And when a movie is plodding and boring, I start wanting my life back. That's all. But, if you want to look at something pretty, and you don't want to have to pay attention to a story, then, by all means, get Rodanthe. You will love it.

Disney has bought Marvel for $4 billion. Stan Lee, the creator of many Marvel characters, says he leaves his creations in good hands. Adam says Stan Lee has been crazy for years. Coming soon, Ashley Tisdale as Storm. Imagine the marketing. Imagine. Nobody pimps better than Disney. I tell you, Walt's frozen head is still calling the shots and still brilliant.

Remember that horrible end of season song No Boundaries for American Idol. Judge Kara DioGuardi was one of the writers. It was so poorly received that it was dropped from the Idol tour. She has recorded her version and put it on YouTube over the weekend. And the buzz is her version makes it listenable.

Adam hinted that The Hobbit may be out in 3D. Ian McKellen will be Gandalf. But Ian Holme will not be Bilbo. Adam and I made it clear that we are available for cameos. Or Peter Jackson boot licking. Whatever's open.

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