The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #124 Fri 08.28.09

George Clooney is in pain. He broke his hand allegedly because he shut it in a car door. But Adam pointed out to me that he broke it by punching a wall when he realized I was married. George, Jim's cool with me and you. He says he isn't, but, really, he is. Because he wants to make me happy. And you, George, make me happy.

I am crazy happy to reconnect with some friends of mine with whom I had lost touch. They are gifted musicians (I only hang out with gifted musicians by the way). Enjoy them. Jack Sundrud and Denny Bixby. They are steeped in talent. And witticisms.

Next week on the show I should be able to provide you with something even grander than usual. Dan Florio of www.runpee.com will be a part of the show. His website provides a valuable service to those whose bladders do not allow them to sit through an entire film. He will discuss the latest movies and give you the RunPee times on them.

Movies out this weekend don't have me all atwitter. Jim, by the way, refuses to be a part of the Twitter phenomenon. Taking Woodstock is an R comedy/musical with Eugene Levy as Max Yasgur. For the two people who don't know, it was Yasgur's farm where Woodstock took place. And, unlike Jim, I refuse to explain what Woodstock was.

Two movies that I have no interest in seeing at all are also out. Halloween II an R horror film with Tyler Mane as Michael Myers. It's written and directed by Rob Zombie. And The Final Destination is out with the fourth in the franchise. It's also R horror and is in 3D no less.

You have less than a handful of days before August is over. So sign up for the Brien Travis CD Tales of Lazy Wednesdays because we're giving it away. You can also get it on iTunes and Amazon.

Plus, all new features will be posted by Sunday night including Adam's Geek Chic and Eda's Hollywood Vine. Check back often.