The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast #110 Mon 08.10.09

You know, well, you don't which is why I'm telling you, I already wrote this once. And then the computer gave me an error message and poof went the blog. Which means I've already gone through this stuff in my head and have become bored with it already. Sigh.

Today, Jim and I had quite the discussion regarding speaking the Queen's English. My view is I don't care at all how people choose to speak or misuse grammar or anything like that. For real. Unless they are teaching my children. My case is how can you teach English if you are not speaking it properly in the classroom? Double negatives, noun verb agreement, tense issues--these are things that you need to learn the right way at least once. Then, if you choose to do it wrong as an adult, that's your decision. Hey, my mom was a teacher. I support teachers in every way. Unless they're teaching my kids incorrect grammar. Then I am all over it. Just putting it out there.

G.I. Joe has already made over $100 million globally. Guess it didn't tank after all. Yet.

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The big news over the weekend involved Mark Lester who is now 51. You would know him as the lead boy Oliver in the 1968 musical Oliver! Something about his sperm and Michael Jackson's kids. Hey, we did the show hours ago. Who knows what we said then. Listen to it and get back to me on that. Was surprised to hear Michael's kids were all baptized Catholic though.

And we talked about the guy who holds the world record for holding the most world records in the Guinness Book of World Records. He's working on a new one. Running the fastest mile. In flippers.