The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #121 08.25.09

Inglorious Basterds is the subject of much of today's show. Adam is a huge Tarantino fan and has seen the film once. He's already going back this week for a second look. There is a spoiler alert in the podcast and we do give you plenty of warning before we get to it. Without telling you the spoiler I can say that Adam thinks this may be Tarantino's best film ever. He said that the story is easier to follow in comparison to Kill Bill. Adam also said that Adam Sandler was considered for the Brad Pitt role. And then all of a sudden Adam (Cravens, Sandler couldn't make today's show) and I were pairing up movie writers and directors. Much to our amusement.

Dr. Conrad Murray will most likely be charged in the Michael Jackson case. The L.A. County Coroner says it is a homicide. The result of the drug propofol and two other sedatives resulted in a deadly cocktail for Michael.

There will be a movie made about the life of Susan Boyle. Good. An Oscar winning actor is being considered for the part of Susan. Good. So far, if I'm Susan, it's all good. Oh, and that actor is Robin Williams. Do you really want to find out that they're making a movie about you and casting a man? Ow.

PETA is taking down their billboards which are trying to promote the vegetarian lifestyle by mocking the obese. They say Save the Whales and a drawing of a morbidly obese woman in a bikini is drawn. The Obesity Action Coalition was all over it. With good reason. Seems to me PETA gets uppity over all sorts of things. And I support the ethical treatment of animals for sure. However, this billboard was the wrong approach.

It got Adam and I talking about how we became the way we are. Both of us were obese. But not now. It's worth hearing at www.thejaneellen.com.

Speaking of obese, KFC has dreamed up the Double Down chicken sandwich. It has no bread. Whaaaat? That's right, instead of bread, the two cheeses and special sauce are held together by TWO PIECES OF FRIED CHICKEN. I'm sure it's delicious. But not the thing for anyone who wants to keep their weight under control. The test markets are RI and NE. I just want a bite of it. Just a bite. "It's only wafer thin."

You have a week left to sign up for the Brien Travis CD Tales of Lazy Wednesdays. For real, it is brilliant. And I would say that even if we weren't tight. I absolutely love it. You can purchase it on iTunes and Amazon. Or win it from me!