The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #107 Wed. 08.05.09

Congratulations to Marlene Loery of Spencer, TN. She won Cloud, the Kimochis Toy, during out July giveaway. Kimochis are the latest hot toy with feelings inside. You can learn more about them at their website. The August giveaway is the new Brien Travis retrospective called Tales of Lazy Wednesdays. You can sign up where it says register for Kimochis. It will soon change to register for Brien. Hey, I'm not the webmaster, I'm just the talent. For those who signed up for the Kimochis giveaway you are also in the running for all the contests we have. If you don't win, because there can be only one (unless you're Highlander, and then it turns out there can be more than one), you can buy it now at Amazon and iTunes.

Paul Abdul sent a Tweet heard round the world last night, it read "with sadness in my heart I've decided not to return." That would be to American Idol, where she had been offered an eight figure deal which was a 30% raise. Wow. Last time I even got a raise it was only 1%. And that was years ago. She does have a new manager and some feel this is posturing because the auditions begin Friday in Denver. Seacrest is signed until 2012. Randy and Kara and Simon are signed through season 9.

Speaking of Idol, during the concert tour, Adam Lambert has been having all sorts of things thrown at him, and not just women's underwear. Now it's whips and handcuffs and all sorts of kinky things. He was picking them up and toying with them while he sang. Now he's just ignoring them to try and tone down the behaviour.

The Vanity Fair issue that is on stands August 11 has a Michael Jackson cover and a Farrah Fawcett cover. There is a Ryan O'Neal interview in it that must be read. I mean, wow. He even says he's an ass and you know, it really comes through in the article. His children were also interviewed. I think it is an even-handed piece of journalism. But man, would not have wanted him for a dad if even half of it is true.

The Brett-Livingstone Strong portrait, the only portrait that Michael Jackson ever posed for, is up for auction. In 1990 it fetched $2.1 million. Betcha it gets more now.

Heath Ledger directed a video that was released yesterday. It's called King Rat and is performed by Modest Mouse. I don't know if all their music is vermin related, but I hope so.

And you need to hear Adam Cravens and I discuss what you can have on a picnic table and get away with and when you shouldn't call 911. Go to www.thejaneellen.com and click on Hear Jane.