The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #104 Fri 07.31.09

Bestiality. Apparently, more common than one would think. Adam Cravens and I didn't think about it at all, until today. In the past week two men, it's usually men by the way, were arrested in southern states for bestiality. It's also referred to as buggery. Just passing along info. One with a horse. One with a dog. Seems farm animals are very popular. It's called zoophilia and zoosexuality and is not spoken of much because, well, it's icky. You really need to hear what we had to say about it. Writing it does it an injustice. However, not all states have laws against it. Crack Research Team member Wendy did discover for us after the show (then refused to look any further into the matter) that Arkansas, Montana and North Carolina had laws against it but those laws were then ruled as unconstitutional. Huh. Again, this is a must hear conversation www.thejaneellen.com click on Hear Jane or download it from iTunes. I've never had a reason to say donkey three-way before, and may never get that opportunity again.

Movies out today, a documentary which you probably won't see called The Cove rated PG 13. Aliens in the Attic is PG and a Family film. It looks hideous. To me. And to Adam. But we thought the same of G-Force so what do we know? And Funny People is an R Comedy with Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen. Just guessing that will be number one over the weekend.

For those who are in the Middle Tennessee area, Celebrations Magazine is coming out with a new August/September issue featuring me, me and me. Oh, and Brien Travis. And my other BFF Shan Burklow. It's the family edition. And it's free. Some of the places you can pick it up at happen to be Bobby Q's, Community Bank, the Courthouse, and that's just for starters. I will give you the entire list on the website.

Today is the final day you can register to win the free toy from Kimochis. Sign up on the main page. You have until midnight.

I will get the rest of my backstage photos from the Larry the Cable Guy special posted on Facebook this weekend. As to whether they make it to the website this weekend, well, that's my webmaster's call.