The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #102 Wed 07.29.09

Name dropping. Let's get right to it, shall we? Larry the Cable Guy. Tony Orlando. Caroline Rhea. There, I've said it. Those are just some of the delightful people I spent my Tuesday with at TPAC. And there were many, many others. I just chose some of the ones you were most likely to know.

The shortest podcast of the series deserves one of the shortest blogs. And since I'm exhausted out of my mind that shouldn't be too hard.

Craft services, inspiring. The coordinating and moving of all the many people to put on this Christmas television special is truly fascinating to watch. And I got to watch a lot.

The green room isn't really green, but it has the latte machine in it.

As of this writing, you'll get to see me in three scenes for the special. Not hear me, why, you can do that every day. You'll just be seeing me. On TV. So that makes it special.

Let me add, I could've sat and talked to Caroline Rhea about generic mom stuff and, sure other stuff too, all freakin' day. What a lovely woman. Brien wants me to get a lock of her hair for him. Sure, that's not creepy.

OK, I might score three hours of sleep before I have to pull together more wardrobe and spend a minimum of 12 hours doing this show tomorrow. This isn't a complaint, just a fact. Listen to the mini-pod. Hey, at least I did it.