The Jane Ellen Podcast Summary #98 Thu 07.23.09

Kevin Spacey was on Letterman and you really need to check out the video on You Tube. It's hilarious. Adam pointed out that Letterman has eased from hip, new guy into grumpy, old man. And it really works for him. Spacey was explaining how to use Twitter. It's very entertaining.

Brad Pitt gave an interview where he said that he's 20% atheist and 80% agnostic. He also said he and Angelina have a three metre wide bed. Seriously, he speaks in metres? Adam said maybe the metric system would catch on if Pitt endorsed it.

So, somebody got a grant for $3 million to study heavy drinking in lesbians. We didn't realize this was a problem. Seems a similar study was done in gay bars, where you would expect to find lesbians drinking, in the 1970's. This got Adam and I thinking of things we needed three mil for to study. And you will have to tune in to find out www.thejaneellen.com. Click on Hear Jane.

Possibly, Michael Jackson had a love child. The guy was at the memorial. He's 25, a Norwegian rapper named Omer Bhattiv. Some say he is the result of a one night stand Michael had with Omer's mother Pia during the HIStory tour.