The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #88 Thu 07.09.09

We predicted someone would compare it. And so it has come to pass. Princess Diana's funeral aired on 8 networks and with 33.3 million viewers. Michael Jackson's memorial aired on 19 networks with 31 million viewers.

Jackson's dermatologist did clear up his vague answer regarding that "to the best of my knowledge" response about not being the father of the two oldest kids, instead of just saying yes or no. It seems he donated to a sperm bank once. Thus, the less than straight forward answer.

People seem to want to make a big deal out of the fact that Queen Latifah gave a Michael Jackson eulogy yet never met him. Granted, in most cases, that is unusual. However, he did have an impact on so many. It doesn't meant he didn't impact her life or that she wouldn't miss him. As to who made the decision to ask her? That I don't know.

The final resting place for Michael Jackson's body has yet to be determined. Which is a good thing in the long run. It means they are deciding if Neverland will be another Graceland. That could take 7 to 30 days for approval for burial there. Whether he should be in concrete or cremated or at Forest Lawn, all that stuff. I didn't realize James Brown's body was on ice for two months before he was finally buried.

After 14 days, the second Transformers movie has made over $300 million. I guess I really need to watch the first one. Look for Robot Chicken's ode to Michael Bay blowing up things. It's about three minutes long and very funny. Plus, Robert Ebert's review of Transformers is hilarious.

Jim will be reviewing the 6th Harry Potter book, Half-Blood Prince, which will be posted this Sunday at www.thejaneellen.com under Read Jim, to prep you for the release of the movie version on Wednesday. Emma Watson, who plays Hermione, was charming on Letterman about her wardrobe malfunction at the Potter premiere in London. "At least I'm wearing underwear," she said. True that.

Be sure you go to www.thejaneellen.com to sign up or the Kimochis giveaway at the end of the month. And visit www.brientravis.com and read his most recent blog. I find it hilarious. And it's not just because he mentioned me. Though, I did find that made the read even more riveting.