The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #93 07.16.09

The latest Harry Potter film made $22.2 million with its midnight shows alone, which is four mil more than The Dark Knight, which had held the record for biggest midnight opening. Adam Cravens helped to contribute to that. He says it is the prettiest of the Potter films, there's more acting in it, and he was extremely happy with it. A must see.

Remember that Michael Jackson sculpture of butter that is supposed to be at the Iowa State Fair? About 70,000 people have voted on it. The decision will be announced tomorrow. And PETA says if it is sculpted that it shouldn't be made of butter, but a non dairy butter substitute. Geez.

Jackson's death has now been ruled a homicide and Dr. Conrad Murray is the suspect. The drug Propofol, an IV stand and oxygen tank were on the premises. And an alleged friend, or former friend, has released emails allegedly from Debbie Rowe that read "Do I want the kids? Hell no. Does it look good for to ask for them? Absolutely." Revolting if true.

I did not get to keep any of the skin my plastic surgeon, Dr. Caroline Chester, cut off yesterday. I am disappointed. But I did ask to bring it home in a jar. It seems that is considered to be gross. Huh. I am amazed that a little bit of gel, not of the hair variety, can numb you enough to have about two inches of skin cut off and stitched up. Fascinating really.

I discussed some memories of Rhode Island. That's where my parents are from. And, according to a study, it's not a friendly place. You need to hear it www.thejaneellen.com. And there is now scientific proof to back you up that swearing helps reduce pain. No joke. Listen and learn my friend. And sign up for the Kimochis Toy giveaway on the main page.