The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #87 Wed 07.08.09

Michael Jackson's Memorial is what Adam and Jim and I spent half of the podcast discussing. For me, and most likely the rest of the world, the speech his daughter made was incredibly moving and courageous. I get the feeling she is a very strong and determined 11-year-old and she had something to say, no matter how hard it was for her to speak at the time. I applaud her for it. Though it was heart-wrenching. Much of what Brooke Shields had to say was the same. Coming from someone who had grown up with Michael it was just genuine. Odd, however, that Corey Feldman showed up dressed as Michael Jackson. Adam pointed out that he has never attended a funeral dressed as the deceased.

Rachel Weisz said in an interview that "It should be banned for actors as steroids are for sportsmen." And she was talking about botox. Ridiculous.

The latest Harry Potter film makes its debut in the US a week from today. If you notice the cast wearing white ribbons it is because actor Rob Knox who played Marcus Belby a Ravenclaw student was stabbed to death and it is in his memory.

A 29-year-old woman in Ghana married her 18-month-old. Wait for it. Dog. And the village priest was cool with it. Her family was not. Naturally, I want to know what kind of dog it is.

Sure, with Adam around, we did mention Star Trek. A little. And or some reason an old memory of a Jon Lovitz rumor popped into my head. You'll have to listen to find out what it was. So far, I am the only one with this in my head. I find that hard to believe. I'm sure Jon Lovitz will back me up. www.thejaneellen.com click on Hear Jane.