The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #99 Fri 07.24.09

A wardrobe malfunction was such a great possibility at last night's Vintage Fashion Show. Thank goodness Brien Travis had my back. Or rather, my front. That was his job. To see I was not on display. His latest album, a retrospective with a twist is brilliant by the way. You will be able to purchase it on Amazon and iTunes and through his website next month. Tales of Lazy Wednesdays drops August 27. Photos from the event will be up on my Facebook and Myspace pages this weekend. Studio Six Limited also took some, which will no doubt be superior, and they will be made available soon.

After we did the show today, Adam Cravens went with me to see about this poison ivy business. I'm trying to get it wiped out before next week when we shoot the Larry the Cable Guy Christmas Special. Seems poison ivy takes about three weeks to go away. But because it's on my face and neck and arms and places that can be seen, we're going hardcore with two weeks of steroids. I was advised that for two weeks I might, I said might, be hungry and moody. To which Adam replied, "so no different than usual."

Katie Holmes sang and danced her homage to Judy Garland on last night's So You Think You Can Dance. It was pretty much a remake of "Get Happy," one of my favorite Judy Garland numbers. It was fine, nothing spectacular, yet nothing at all to be ashamed of.

Now let's talk spectacular. Gilles has a 2010 calendar coming out. And you get to see A LOT of Gilles. Adam and agreed, if you look like that, you should demand to be photographed mostly nude. As he is in this calendar. Adam feels certain the demo is 28-year-old comic-book-reading males like himself. And I'm not all about looking at naked or nearly naked men. But I could get used to looking at Gilles.

Almost naked 17-year-old Georgia May Jagger, that's Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger's little girl, has her first major modeling gig. She's doing the Hudson Jeans print ads. She's wearing a pair of jeans. And that's all. I'll say it, she's smokin' hot.

Movies out, The Ugly Truth an R rated comedy with Katherin Heigl and Gerard Butler. Then there's the R horror film Orphan about a creepy kid named Esther. Jerry Bruckheier is behind G-Force. It's a PG family thing with Nic Cage, guinea pigs or something. I tell you, I am so not interested. Adam is glad that having kids has not dumbed me down. And Kevin Spacey is in an R drama called Shrink. He plays the Shrink. I believe (500) Days of Summer is now in wide release this weekend.

Adam and I had a lovely chat, as always, do tune in. And make sure you sign up to win the Kimochis Toy giveaway on the main page. And find out how I almost made Brien wreck the car. There's more to tell, but you'll just have to listen. I have to go and not tear my skin off. So itchy.