The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #84 Fri 07.03.09

Swan Warden. Ghillie. All jobs I didn't even know existed until today. Which tells me I could slide them on my resume. Because if I didn't they existed, chances are the average American reading a resume wouldn't know about them either. Because these are jobs in Great Britain. And there's only one Swan Warden. That person counts the swans for the Queen in July. So I don't know if it's just a once a year gig or if there other duties. And a ghillie has to do with worm charming. That's right, not snake charming. Worm.

Dillon James was the only one not on vacation today. The worm thing reminded me of the movie Tremors. He has missed out on that one. It amuses.

Movies opening this holiday weekend are at opposite ends of the demo. Michael Mann's Public Enemies with Johnny Depp as Dillinger is R. And the third Ice Age animated dealie is out rated PG it's called Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

I did see a few minutes of Michael Jackson rehearsal footage. It looked good to me. He looked no more thin and frail than he has the past ten years. There are many theories, as expected, now out regarding his death. One theory speculates that he took an overdose on purpose just expecting to be hospitalized so he could get a doctor's note and get out of the London concerts that he could not otherwise afford to cancel. Another theory is he was surrounded by enablers in an Anna Nicole situation. And, of course, the theory that he faked his own death is still popular.

July 13, his ex Debbie Rowe is filing for custody of their two children, and will do so with Blanket so the three will not be separated even though he is not hers. She is also getting a restraining order against Joe Jackson I believe to keep Joe Jackson from the kids. As opposed from her.

There will be a public memorial at the Staples Center on Tuesday and Michael Jackson will be buried at Forest Lawn.

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