The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #92 07.15.09

Adam Cravens unleashed. That's what today is all about. Adam and Jim and I, and the always mentioned but rarely heard Brien, share a love of movies. We talk about them constantly. And we don't just love to watch movies, we love to know about them. Movie minutiae as it were. Things we have no business knowing. Which is why we feel our opinions are valid. Oh, and because we have this show.

We started with super heroes. Adam had much to say about Spider-Man and how, well, he does whatever a spider can. We discussed how close a movie could or should be to a book or comic book. We discussed Adam's profound disappointment in Fantastic Four.

Oh man, then he broke out his Harry Potter accent, which just sounds like Ringo Starr. It has to be heard. www.thejaneellen.com click on Hear Jane.

A very convenient website for movie lovers is www.rottentomatoes.com. It gathers all the reviews on the Internet and rates a film accordingly. It is usually quite accurate. So we started looking up some of our faves. Then we discussed a film that has been given to me which I have yet to watch but will, I promise I will--Nights in Rodanthe. It got a 32%. Yeah, that doesn't bode well for me. However, I will approach it with an open mind. I have been accused of only watching sci-fi films or movies where things blow up real good.

And speaking of movies, we went to a porn story, not a porn movie. This guy wanted those darn kids out of his yard. So he blasted the audio from a porn movie to make them get away from his yard. People could hear it for a block and a half. Boom chicka boom. I'm just shocked that a 27-year-old single male had porn in his home.