The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #101 Tue 07.28.09

Jim sings. That's all you really need to know. Now, as to what and why he is singing on the podcast, well, you'll just have to hear it. There is a somewhat valid reason for it. Go to www.thejaneellen.com and click on Hear Jane.

Kelly Clarkson also sings. She's been having some issues with her record label. Turns out she had the same producer, Ryan Tedder, as Beyonce. And he supplied the same music to both women. The music for Beyonce became the song Halo. The music for Kelly became the song Already Gone. Kelly feels that releasing Already Gone as a single will make it appear that she has ripped off Beyonce and that's what she was arguing with her label about. The label felt otherwise about the matter.

Michael Jackson apparently slept in a room with oxygen tanks and an IV drip. He had allegedly been using the drug Propofol to sleep with. That's a drug used for surgery. He was administered that drug around 12am on the day he died. As I understand it, when the IV was turned off, that's when he'd wake up. But with that drug you're not really sleeping so much as unconscious. It is clearly an unusual case.

There have been plenty of studies that show talking on the phone while driving is pretty much the same, accident-wise, as driving drunk. Now it seems that texting while driving is even more dangerous. Which makes more sense. It's now illegal in the state of Tennessee, where we leave, to text while driving. That law went into effect July 1.

I don't know the accident rate for swatting at your kids while driving though. If only I could've done it yesterday. But I didn't want to break a nail. The girls were squeezing their juice boxes and causing the juice to arc out through the straws at each other. Then they started to drink and spit in the car. See how the urge to swat came over me?

Now I am off to TPAC. I will be traveling without my posse. I know, so unlike me. I'll have to carry all my stuff on my own. With Jim I'm used to being the pack mule. But when I do appearances and things, I usually have my people. For the Larry the Cable Guy special, my people aren't on the list. So I'm hoofing it on my own. Sigh. What's a poor diva to do?