The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #103 Thu 07.30.09

Brien Travis. In the studio. How rare and exciting. Like an exotic bird. Of course, my BFF was pimping Tales of Lazy Wednesdays that is available for download on Amazon right now. Including Japan. Can't wait for his new album when it can be more Jane-centric. Clearly, Brien needs to be on the show more. He told riveting stories about how he grew up next to a chicken farm and a pig farm. I naturally assumed a biscuit farm was next door, but no. Seems the chickens would stick their heads through the fence and the pigs would bite them off. Fascinating. Not so much for the chickens, but still.

I have begun to post some photos on my Facebook from yesterday's taping of the Larry the Cable Guy Christmas Special. They'll make their way to the website whenever my webmaster gets around to that, and about a hundred other things I've asked him to do for me. Including Rain-Xing my windshields (which you so forgot to do Mr. Thing).

The experience was grand, met so many people. Their names will all come back to me after I've had more than a few seconds of sleep. Got to get this caffeine IV going. I don't think six extra shots is doing the trick. You will be able to see me on the show with no problem, trust me. Perhaps, come November, I will cringe at all the bad dancing and whooping it up. But like I always say, you get paid for the job, doesn't matter. I did what I was supposed to do. Perhaps standing near the Playmate was a bad choice on my part considering my costume, but still. It's too late now.

Bryce Dallas Howard is replacing actress Rachelle Lafevre in the role of the vampire Victoria in Eclipse, the third Twilight film. Rachelle is "stunned."

It's official, Michael's mom Katherine gets custody of all three of his kids. That's not surprising. Brien thinks it should've been Janet.

We had much more to say, and he was such an incredible guest. You really have to listen www.thejaneellen.com click on Hear Jane or download it from iTunes. Buy Brien's album. Oh, even I got the revelation as to why his name is spelled like a porn star's. Yeah, this is a show not to be missed. More backstage TV stories as my memory returns.