The Jane Ellen Experience Summary #86 Tue 07.07.09

Discovered a delightful website today for those not easily offended. It's called moms who drink and swear. It made me snort. OK, so it doesn't take much. And happy birthday to my sister Judy. This is your card.

As of this writing, the Michael Jackson Memorial is not quite underway. The family has had their private time with his body. The public memorial is supposed to include performances from Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson, Brooke Shields, and many others. Elizabeth Taylor is not attending because she said, "How I feel is between us." Quincy Jones doesn't do funerals for anyone anymore. And Debbie Rowe is no longer attending because she, or her lawyer, feels it would draw too much attention to her. Which would make her look bad considering she's making a play for custody of the kids.

Paula Abdul has been asked to stay with American Idol for as long as it's on the air. She's renegotiating her contract now. And she's involved with a show on Lifetime called Drop Dead Diva. The only offensive part of the dramedy is how the model who is dead is punished by being sent back as a "fat chick." Well, the actress is just a woman with a normal body size. So, you can say I have some issue with that.

There was a White Bengal tiger born at Christmas in South Africa. That is not so unusual because they have a breeding program for them there. What is unusual is that this one is completely white. Not an albino mind you, just no black stripes. There are about 20 all white tigers known to currently exist. Cool.

Jim and I also discussed why you shouldn't cuss out a 911 dispatcher. And the word midget came up again. It's becoming a theme. Do listen to the show at Hear Jane www.thejaneellen.com. And, on the main page, register to win a Kimochi toy. We're giving one away at the end of the month in a random drawing.