The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #97 Wed 07.22.09

Kelly Hildebrandt marries Kelly Hildebrandt. Sound freaky? Kelly number one is a guy, Kelly number two is a girl, and they met on Facebook. They say that if they have kids they know one thing for sure, they won't name any of them Kelly.

The chair that cushioned J.K. Rowling's butt when she wrote the first two Harry Potter books is up for auction. How much is it worth to you? This caused Jim and I to discuss if there was something we wanted so much we would spend a great deal of money upon? Apparently, there isn't. I said I'm always up for some things. You know, if someone wants to get me some shoes, take me on a shopping spree, sure. But I can't think of a specific item I really want. Then Jim and I talked about people we really wanted to meet. You might want to give it a listen. www.thejaneellen.com.

Crack Research Team member Wendy rolled through town today. That was awesome. We had a power lunch with Adam at Maddux Station, which rocked. I'm telling you, warm brie with peaches, amazing.