The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #94 Fri 07.17.09

Supernatural. I have converted Adam Cravens to its charms. After years of resistance because of his anti-McG feelings. I have accomplished something important.

Gerald Butler is handsome and funny. On the Tonight show he said about Jennifer Aniston, with whom he has been linked and is making the film Bounty, "We're very much in love. Especially her. I'm going to make an announcement. We're actually going to tie the know on Tuesday. And then on Saturday I'm marrying Cameron Diaz. Joan Rivers will be the next weekend."

Weird accident involving Jim Caviezel. He was on his Harley and some 42-year-old man threw a bicycle in his path. Jim was wearing a helmet so he just got cuts and bruises. The guy who threw the bike has mental issues. Who knew?

This is awesome. Some guy tried to rob a store. But the chick didn't speak English. Now, I don't know how she couldn't understand what a guy waving a gone about would be wanting, but he got so frustrated with her that he left. She's OK, store wasn't robbed, so that's cool. Can't say that'll work every time. And I do find it hard to believe that she failed to know what he wanted.

OK, so you knew the blockbuster Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is out, it's PG. (500) Days of Summer is a comedy rated PG 13 with the now grown up Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel. I hear the music is incredible and that it's an amazing sort of romantic comedy that's very clever. However, I can't find it playing anywhere in the fine state of Tennessee. I a bummed.

I finally got a TV gig. You'll have to listen to get the details. www.thejaneellen.com. Have a great weekend.