The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #89 Fri 07.10.09

For me, it's like standing in front of the fridge with the door open. But I had no idea that someone did a study on it. Well, not just on me, on women in general. Seems women spend about a year total out of their lives simply deciding what to wear. I can see all that closet staring time adding up. Jim couldn't. But, you should see the way he dresses. I have clothes that sit well, clothes that stand well, clothes for just a couple of hours wear, clothes for all day, you know, clothes for every occasion. Thank goodness my closet is color coordinated. I did that years ago. If it wasn't, I would never find a thing. It would be two years out of my life just standing there.

Bruno comes out today. Well, Bruno came out a long time ago. Much like Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen filmed real people reacting to the outrageous Bruno who is the "voice of Austrian youth TV" and the trailers are hilarious. However, if he really came up to you while you were going about your business, you might not have found him quite as funny. It is an R rated comedy.

I Love You, Beth Cooper is a PG 13 comedy with Hayden Panettierre as, wait for it, a cheerleader. Only this time her only special power is popularity. The valedictorian professes his love for her and his life changes.

Just a few Michael Jackson news tidbits. His body is at Forest Lawn, for now. He is in the Gordy crypt, which is empty, except for him, while the family sorts things out. The word is that Joe and Jermaine want him at Neverland Ranch. However, he had said he would never return there so the rest of the family feel he would not want to be buried there. And Joe Jackson did an interview implying there was foul play involving his death but did not elaborate.

A Polish mother is suing a hotel in Egypt where her family stayed. She says her 13-year-old daughter got pregnant by swimming in the pool. Now, I wonder, if there are chemicals used in said pool, would that not kill any sperm that might be hanging about?

Jim and I had much to say on the matter, along with a scary game of hide and seek that turned out OK. Listen to the show at Hear Jane on www.thejaneellen.com. On the main page sign up to win a free toy from Kimochis, toys with feelings. And have a great weekend.