The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #91 07.14.09

Spotted Dick. I was right. It IS British pudding. Jim and Adam and Brien (who I was talking to about it last night) all acted like they had never heard of it. OK, so they weren't acting. I don't know where I picked that bit of knowledge up, but I am sure feel superior knowing it. In case you don't click on the spotted dick link to read the explanation and recipe, the spots refer to the raisins or currants used in the recipe. And dick is the colloquial word used for pudding.

Maura Tierney is having a tumor removed from her breast. I don't have any other details.

Debbie Rowe took a $4 million cash settlement and gave up, permanently, parental rights to her two biological children with Michael Jackson. Seems she got $8 million when she had them and $900,000 for the first five years. Then in 2001 she got $4 million and a $900,000 home.

For the past year, five of the Jackson brothers had been working on a reality show with A&E and been getting about $300,000 each. Now they are allegedly holding out for more money.

American Idol judge Kara's song "No Boundaries" has been so poorly received on the American Idol tour that it has been dropped from the concert set. And Seacrest has received $45 million to host Idol the next three years. I would happily help him spend some of that do-re-mi.

Then we pondered a moral question put to me by a friend. You will have to listen and weigh in for yourself. Click on Hear Jane www.thejaneellen.com.