The One About Technology

Wired. That's really the only way to describe it. I am fully wired. Well, not fully. I don't cruise the internet on my phone. Yet. I have reached satisfaction in my search for a bluetooth device that sounds awesome. That would be Motorola's Motopure H15 that works wonders for me. Now I can do important things like drive with both hands on the wheel. And talk on the phone. Cook. And talk on the phone. Do laundry. And talk on the phone. I was always on the phone anyway, now I've just got my other hand back.

Right now I'm having internet issues. Perhaps it's because I have several tabs open in my browser. I don't know. I like to be constantly entertained. I mean, I feel I provide a service. I demand one in return. After I appeared in the Vintage Fashion Show in DeKalb County, Brien was escorting me home and I said, "so, tell me something." He responded, "like what." "I don't know, anything. I require constant mental stimulation." "Can't you just listen to the music?" No, apparently I can't just listen.

I'm writing this now while I'm on the phone. And thinking about what to eat. And making a grocery list in my mind. I read that they're making computers you can wear. When's that coming out? I'm sure I'll need it.

Now, I am not as up-to-date as Adam Cravens. He has a touch screen Voyager phone and another touch screen device that is not a phone. And all sorts of gaming paraphernalia. The very latest. Brien has a still functioning first edition Atari. We used to have a hand-me-down Playstation. But my skills are so poor that Jim just laid it to rest one day. It still worked though. And it's not like I was getting any better at it.

So I'm not wired with the games. I do have two MP3 players. Granted, I haven't used either one of them yet. But I have my reasons. I'll get around to them. Oh, and I was given one so it's not like I went and bought two things I don't use. I need to figure out how to use it though. If you go to www.amazon.com and put in Brien Travis Tales of Lazy Wednesdays, you'll find Brien's retrospective album available for download. The CD version won't be out until the end of August. So, that means I need to put it in the MP3 player. Yeah, I need to get on that.

My car has a DVD player in it. My oldest asked what shows I watched in the car when I was a girl. Uh. She just couldn't wrap her mind around the fact that there was a time when DVD players weren't in cars. I know, that's just wrong. I wonder what she and her sister will do when I tell them that there was a time when you couldn't pause live TV. A crime. I know.

Three computers, two MP3 players, two DVR's, one bluetooth, six email accounts, four social networking accounts and one website www.thejaneellen.com. Oddly enough, I had none of these things, not a one, when I got married. Now I'm wondering how I got along without it.

Luckily, it helps fill the need for me to be constantly entertained. I'm sure there's a word for it. No, not psychotic. Not pathetic either. Thank goodness I have the internet here to tell me.