The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #83 Thu 07.02.09

Bacon. Good for eating, and wearing. Seems there is such a thing as a bacon dress. Mmmmm, tasty. And, I would imagine, smelly. I'm guessing that a beef jerky dress would have a much longer closet life. And the dogs would probably not follow you home as easily. Do read the article. I like how she says men seemed more attracted to her. A bacon covered woman. It all makes sense.

Go Mississippi. For the fifth year in a row it has the most obese adults. Tennessee made the top five as well. Adam says his diabetes is keeping his obesity at bay. For real. Me, I had surgery. But it's a constant battle. I'm still thinking about that bacon dress.

Some chick in Cookeville, the town in which we live, got drunk, broke into some guy's house, trashed the joint, then took off all her clothes. Or maybe she took her clothes off first and then trashed it. Or maybe it was trashed and he just said she did it because he wasn't expecting so many uninvited guests in his apartment. I was telling Adam that something similar happened to Brien, he came home and found, and Adam immediately assumed I was going to say a werewolf. Which, of course, I was. This got us thinking. We know you can kill a werewolf with a silver bullet. But what about cutting off its head? Do listen and share with us. www.thejaneellen.com click on Hear Jane.

There were a few Michael Jackson developments. The DEA is assisting the LAPD and they are interviewing a few doctors regarding the different medications he was taking. There has been questions raised if he was doctor hopping. A woman is saying she's his ex and is the biological mother of his kids. In her defense, she has been doing this for years sooooooo. And he will not be buried at Neverland and there will not be a service at Neverland as had been reported.

There are many amusing things to photograph in the grocery store. Like whipped frosting and wet nuts ice crea topping. See what you can send us. The email addresses are in the Know Jane section at www.thejaneellen.com.