The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #90 Mon 07.13.09

Butter statue of Michael Jackson have you in a tizzy? Or could you really care less? I wonder more what becomes of the butter when it's all over with. Well, if you have to weigh in over whether or not the Iowa State Fair has a butter statue just cast your vote and the results will be in on July 17.

LaToya, perhaps known as the second flakiest Jackson, has now said she thinks Michael was murdered for the money he was potentially worth. She says she knows who did it, but hasn't named names.

Kim Cattrall has been doing some research on her grandfather. Turns out he was a bigamist. Which, it seems, the family had suspected. Which led to a lively discussion of Jim's family tree. You really need to hear it www.thejaneellen.com.

I don't mean to be flippant, but I just don't know the answer. Now that Chastity Bono is a man, or about to be, her girlfriend is now his girlfriend. Does that mean the girlfriend is no longer a lesbian because Chaz is a guy? Seriously, I don't know how it all works.

Lino Rulli is a very entertaining guy, actually known as The Catholic Guy in the afternoons on XM/Sirius. No, not ponderous at all, don't give me that look. Anyway, he was looking for ticks, on himself recently, because he was vacationing. Or maybe he was just bored. Well, I lived on a cattle farm once. Woke up one day covered with ticks. Ah, another story you'll just have to hear to believe.

And I told Eda's story about how she tried to buy thigh high boots but the drag queens always snag her size first. Another must hear. What can I say? Some stories are begging to be heard.

The first week of August, Celebrations Magazine will be available, for free, at many locations in Cookeville. I am thrilled an excited to say that it will feature a story on me (my 200 lb. weight loss), Brien, and Shan Burklow. Turns out we're all fascinating. Be on the lookout.