The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #48 Thu 05.14.09

Jim was crowing that he predicted how Lost would end--with a white screen, assuming that the white screen meant an explosion. Mind you, if you don't follow Lost, what I'm about to say will make absolutely no sense at all. Just thought I'd warn you. And so it did end with a white screen as we assumed Juliette, who had been pulled down a well by the chains, it's complicated, tried to set things right by setting off the bomb which did not explode when Jack dropped it down in the first place. We assume. You never really know with Lost. And why was Jack so insistent on making the past three years go away? Because he had messed things up with Kate? And why did Juliette decide he was right? Because she felt Sawyer, deep down, had a thing for Kate and so if she never met Sawyer she would never have to lose him. Heavy. In the meantime we see that the elusive Jacob who we have heard about all these seasons has crossed Kate's path when she was a kid, Jack's path, Sawyer's path at his parents' funeral, and he was the one who met Hurley outside of prison with the guitar case. The guitar case Hurley has been carrying around to represent Charlie. Is there a guitar in it? Or snacks? But wait, there's more. We find out that the chick who was the bounty hunter was also a friend of Jacob's and she and her people were carrying around Locke's dead body from the cargo hold of the plane. Which leads me to believe that N.J. Not Jacob (because I don't know what to call him) is the guy who has taken the form of Locke and convinced Ben to kill Jacob. And N.J. is the other guy we see in the first few minutes of the show establishing Jacob and Not Jacob as looking the same, not aging I mean, and it being something like the 1700's. Wow, that's a lot of Lost to swallow. Next season is the final season of the series. Oh, Sayid got shot in the mid-section too. Doesn't look good. Health wise. He looks awesome, black wife beater and all. So my recommendation to you is start at the beginning. Get the DVD's and watch Lost. Thank me later. And my friend Kelly says Fringe, which now has Leonard Nimoy on it and is a JJ Abrams show, is well worth my time. Perhaps Fringe in repeats will fill my Lost void.

Now, American Idol. Go Go Gokey has Go Go Gone. It's Kris and Adam for the final show. That changes everything. Jim feels Danny voters will now vote for Kris and he thinks that is who will win. That is sound logic. Jim also feels that Kris has the tendency to choke too. Adam doesn't. What I like about both of them is when they're handed the suckfest of a song that the Idol winner is always forced to sing, both of them have the ability to make it sound better. So there's that. I seriously doubt they will be singing It Takes Two like Kelly and Justin did during that very first finale show. Oh yes, I remember. 88 million votes for this show and one million separated Danny and Kris. That's enormous. I wonder how many separated Kris and Adam? But they never release that information. It will be a very interesting American Idol finale next week for sure. I'm pulling for Adam. I always have been. I just don't expect him to win. Even though I want him to.

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