The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #40 Mon 05.04.09

Thought you'd want to know that today is Star Wars day. It's the fourth of May. May the fourth be with you instead of the force. Get it? Oh, I know it's a bit of a stretch, but I didn't come up with it. There's more sci-fi coming your way as the new Star Trek movie opens this week. Yay!

Celebrity Apprentice ends next week so there were three firings last night. Oddly enough, Clint Black was fired after his team failed in the song writing competition for Chicken of the Sea. Then Piers Morgan came back to fire two more celebrities. Of course, Joan Rivers had returned, even though she stormed out last week after her daughter was fired. And Joan got to stay, along with the poker player with whom she does not get along. That means the two who were fired were Jesse James and Brandy the Playboy Bunny.

Amazing Race wraps up in Maui next week and the final three are Tammy and Victor, Jaime and Cara, and Margie and Luke. If Jaime and Cara win they will be the first all female team to win the race. Jim is pulling for Margie and Luke. They are a highly-competitive mother and son team and Luke is deaf. The race is hard enough for those with all their senses and yet it has not slowed him down. Now, as to why Kisha and Jen didn't make it out of Beijing, well, a bathroom stop prevented them from racing to Phil. Had they not stopped they would've beaten Jaime and Cara. I have three sisters. If I had stopped to go to the bathroom with a million dollars at stake I really don't think they would ever let me live it down. Good for Kisha and Jen that they can. If they can. Also, while in Beijing another reason why I'm not on the race, they had to eat fried grasshoppers. Just not happening. Not for a million dollars. Not for any amount. OK, maybe for twenty million. And just one fried grasshopper.

Speaking of weird food, www.thejaneellen.com is undergoing a serious facelift over the next 48 hours. We've already added Cookeville and Putnam County news with The Scoop gathered by Jim. That's been up a week and added to daily. Now you're going to see everything look different. And the recipes are about to be easier to access with photos. Should you be looking for a recipe you can email through the website or post on the message board. And, once I've recovered from this surgery, we are going to start filming the cooking of all these recipes and the eating of the weird foods. Here are some suggestions we've received so far: hot dogs and applesauce, Nutella and cooked eggs, peanut butter sandwich in chili, bleu cheese dressing and dark chocolate, green banana and bacon sandwich, peanut butter and yellow mustard sandwich, raw spaghetti in pickle juice, strawberries and cream with bacon, bacon covered in chocolate, peanut butter bologna and ketchup sandwich. Post your suggestion on the Chat Jane message board or email it through Contact Jane so we can use it on the vcast. And be sure to check the site as there be more videos, movie, fashion, news, weather, and entertainment for you.