The One About My Face

On April 28 I had another surgery to remove the excess skin that I view as closure to losing over 200 pounds since my gastric bypass RNY in 2002. To many, I am quite sure, it has seemed the height of vanity. But they never waddled in my shoes. In December I had my body surgery when 15 pounds of skin were cut off just from my torso. At the end of April I had done the one thing that no one else I know has had done. And yet, they all (those who lost a great deal of weight) tell me they wish they had. The extra skin on the neck had to come off. It's called a chin and neck lipectomy.

Sure, you've seen photos and and you've probably never noticed anything that needs removing. But seriously, do you think I would let a photo taken at a bad neck angle be published with my blessing? I worked too hard to let an icky photo like that get out. Because I've got tons, no pun intended, with plenty of chins in them, prior to surgery.

However, being me, I've had complications. Now, as you read this, hopefully all will be resolved. I trust my surgeon implicitly. So I really have no worries. But when you're sitting home alone with a face bra on, and you have to look at yourself as you heal twice a day, it gets a tad depressing. I am really, really swollen. And all of this swelling is supposed to go away. And I'm sure it will. Like I said. I have faith. It's also supposed to take three weeks and it hasn't been that yet. You know how I like immediate gratification.

But other than the staff at her office in Nashville and the hospital, and a few people I know at CVS (and that was at a distance), the only people who have seen me since the surgery are my kids--and I won't let them see me with the bandages off, my husband, and my friend Brien. As a matter of fact, Brien was the first to see the neck, even before me. He was the one who told me I didn't want to see it. Turns out it looked worse than it really was.

It's given me time to think though. How long can I go without leaving the house? With the exception of going to the doctor's office of course. My husband has been doing the grocery shopping and taking the kids to and from daycare. He and Brien give me news of the outside world. They're really all I need. If only the new Star Trek movie wasn't coming out this week. That vexes me. Because I can't leave the house in this condition.

Brien is performing at the Putnam County Fairgrounds May 8 Relay for Life at 6 pm. He's singing the National Anthem then doing three songs around 6:30pm. I was planning to attend. I have thought of wearing a wig over the face bra then putting on a kerchief and a turtleneck and sunglasses. I wouldn't stand like that, would I? Because if this swelling isn't gone it's not going to be paraded in front of 500 people.

Other than that, I don't have to be seen until our nephew gets married on May 22. Surely by then my neck will be able to be seen by others. If not, I could wear a bag over my head like the Elephant Man. I am not an animal. I am also not going to show up anywhere swollen like I am as I write this.

So, call me vain. Call me whatever you want. But call me is what you'll have to do because you won't be seeing me in person until I'm fully healed.