The Jane Ellen Podcast Summary #52 Wed 05.20.09

Mark Ballas teaches another celebrity to dance and helps Shawn win Dancing With the Stars. After two hours of filler and two performances from Lady Gaga we find that Shawn and Gilles were separated in the votes by less than 1% according to the viewers. Mark had won two seasons ago with another Olympian, Kristi Yamaguchi. Honestly, the results show was pretty ponderous. An hour would've been plenty. Regarding the contest for the new professional dancer joining the cast, big surprise, that's going to be Anna Demidova. And Jeffrey Ross's roast of the final three was marginally funny when he said it wasn't dancing with the stars because all the celebrities had been eliminated, it was just dancing with the marginally famous. Meh. The new season will begin in September. And ABC, I am available.

Oh, while I'm thinking of it TV shows, here are ones that will not be back: Samantha Who, My Name is Earl, According to Jim, The Unusuals, Cupid, In the Motherhood, The Unit, The X List, Privileged, King of the the Hill, Kath and Kim and Medium. There are others of course.

I did watch Glee! which followed Idol. Jim was bored stiff. I enjoyed it. I thought the vocal talent was great. I wished Joss Whedon had a hand in the dialogue. I wanted it to be a bit sharper. However, it has promise.

Now, the big dog, Idol, it ends tonight. Last night was the final performance night. Both Adam and Kris got to choose a song they had already sung, they sang one that creator Simon Fuller chose for them, and sang the first single co-written by judge Cara. Adam went first, dressed as a modern day vampire in a very cool coat with lots of fog doing Brien's version of Mad World. Excellent. The judges fell all over themselves though Simon said it was a bit theatrical. Kris did an awesome version of Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone. I love that song.

I did not, however, love Randy's plaid suit or Paula's Wow it's green dress and man what a lot of spray tan she was sporting. Then Adam did Sam Cooke's Change is Gonna Come. Not many can wear silver lame like he can. Jim complained it was typical Adam. Always going for the big notes. Whitney would've done the same. Kris got Marvin Gaye's What's Goin' On. My problem with that is then the judges complained about it being too small when Kris did his usual thing with a song he didn't choose for himself.

Then the crapfest closing song. Something about hurricanes. What, No Boundaries? Is that what's it's called? It's the classic end of Idol song. All about the journey yeah, I get it. Look, I'm not a songwriter so I shouldn't knock it. But all the end of Idol songs seem to morph into one sucky power ballad to me. Jim thought Kris did a better version. I felt Randy and Simon didn't like the song. Jim thinks Kris should win. Brien thinks Adam should win but that Kris will win. I think Adam should win but won't be surprised if Kris does win. Either way, they've got got contracts I'm sure and I suspect it will be a tight race. It's apples and oranges people. We'll find out tonight with two more hours of filler. Actually, more than that as Seacrest already announced that they probably would go over time in tonight's show.