The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #58 Thu 05.28.09

Jim sings "On the Cover of Rolling Stone." You won't want to miss that at www.thejaneellen.com. He doesn't always break into song. Thank goodness. Lady Gaga is on the cover wearing the exact same thing I wore to our nephew's wedding. Bubbles. Just bubbles. We also chat about the airbrushing of photos and I not only admit to but tell you specifically what has been airbrushed on a popular photo of me. A photo in which I was mistaken for a Budweiser girl. Thank you guy who needs his eyes checked. You made my day.

Glambert says he hopes that his first album will be a fresh take on the glam rock of the 70's mixed with the classic rock of the 70's. Adam definitely wants to do his own thing. And yet he also said it would be hard to say no to Queen if they asked him to front the band too.

There's some speculation that the Lara Croft Tomb Raider movie franchise will begin anew, this time with 23-year-old Megan Fox in Angelina's role.

Did you pick up the coded reference to enlightenment philosopher Immanuel Kant in the finale of Lost? Neither did I.

And Kanye West is a proud non-reader. I usually have Kanye's back, but I so don't on this one. Hear some excerpts from his 52-page book that needed a co-writer on today's podcast.