The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #56 Tue 05.26.09

I have screwed up my phone. Somehow. I've got this thing about wanting to hear a ringing sound when I'm calling a number but a song when mine is ringing so I can ignore you. Well, I have apparently put a classical ringback tune on my phone. I didn't do it on purpose. I don't even know if I bought it. I just know I don't want it. And I sure don't know how to get it off of there. Somebody, get me a teenager.

Jim taunted me by asking just how many Indy 500 race winners I could name just because Helio Castroneves from Dancing With the Stars won over the weekend. It was his third win. You'll have to hear my response at www.thejaneellen.com.

Susan Boyle's latest performance is all over the internet from Britain's Got Talent. This time she sang "Memory" from Cats. You must see it because the producers saw fit to shoot lights out from behind her head. I don't know why. Jim says the cache is gone now that she's a bit cleaned up and you already know she can sing.

Mel Gibson will be a father for the 8th time. Only this time it's with his girlfriend, not with his wife.

And Jim has the nerve to blame being hot at our nephew's wedding last Friday on the bride. Really, you have to hear it.