The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #44 Fri 05.08.09

There's a very funny video on The Onion about the new Star Trek movie. Delightful. It's only a few minutes long and basically says that Trekkies are made that the movie is good and the acting isn't wooden and there's no subtitles for Klingon. Just rollicking good fun. But The Onion always is. If I have a most excellent day, I will see the film twice today. But will settle for one viewing in a 24 hour period. Hey, sometimes you've just got to spread yourself around.

Jim and I were listening to Howard Stern yesterday on the way to see the plastic surgeon (I am no longer wearing the face bra, just all bandaged up). Howard can be a brilliant interviewer. He thinks Star Trek XI will make $100 million this weekend. I was just going to predict $70 million. He's seen it, I haven't. Yet. However, he was asked at the premiere a question that both Jim and I would've answered in the same way. Correctly. Smugly. Who were the first enemies on Starfleet? Romulans. Those who were not versed in the original Star Trek just thought that Klingons and The Borg were a problem. Bah.

Read a great article at Slate called There's No Klingon Word for Hello. It was written by linguist Arika Okrent about how complicated the Klingon language truly is. It was created by Marc Okrand, who also wrote the Vulcan dialogue used by Spock and Saavik in Star Trek II. But that dialogue just had to match the actor's mouth movements to be believable. Okrand created a very complex language with Klingon that about 30 people truly know. Fascinating. The Klingon Dictionary has sold over 250,000 copies. Hard to believe I don't have one.

If you've been wondering where Adam Cravens has been, he has been working two jobs and has been unable to make the podcast of late. He will return soon.

Survivor is down to five and Coach is still in it. Debbie tried to convince the others that now was the time to get rid of him. And so she is the one who is gone. Turns out Taj is the wife of former Titans running back Eddie George. All the family members were on as a surprise last night.

To another sister of mine. Happy Anniversary. This is your card. And a correction, we have five nephews, not three or four. I would never forget You. And two nieces. And one great niece. So there. And unlike Jim, I know their birthdays.

If you're in the Putnam County area tonight, drop by the Fairgrounds 6pm rain or shine for Relay for Life. Our Brien Travis is singing the national anthem at the beginning of the event and then he and Kevin Welch, the younger Kevin Welch for those who remember the country music singer/songwriter from the 90's--not him--but a great Kevin just the same--they're performing a few songs around 6:30pm. One is Brien's original This Fairytale, the one we did the video to which you can find on www.thejaneellen.com.