The Jane Ellen Experience Podccast Summary #41 05.05.09

Happy Cinco de Mayo and Happy Anniversary to my sister. This is your card. Tonight is Rock Week on American Idol. Slash is the mentor to the final four. Ooh, dangerous. I wonder. Will it be like disco night was when the songs were undiscofied? What will they do? Allison should do Heart of Stevie Nicks. Adam should do Pat Benatar. And really slow it down. Just kidding. By rock do they mean rock or do they actually mean pop? You never know with Idol. And will they each do one song and a lot of filler or two songs each? So many questions.

I had some of my questions answered today. There's a difference between your girlfriends and your guyfriends. Both of whom care about you. I'm not going to name names here but one of my guyfriends has been my steady rock regarding my recent surgery and has constantly reassured me that everything is fine and the swelling will go down before I know it. One of my girlfriends said Whoa sister. That's some pretty serious stuff you're dealing with. Maybe you had better just stay in seclusion like Greta Garbo until you can be seen. Both essentially saying the same thing and yet, somehow, putting it differently. I have come to realize I may never leave the house again except in disguise. You think I'm kidding? Oh, I'm not. The more I think about it, the more doable it becomes. Until this swelling goes down, unless you're my surgeon, you're not seeing me.

Dancing With The Stars they had to do a ballroom number and a Latin dance. Shawn and Mark started out the night with a quickstep and a standing ovation. They got a 27 for some great choreography. Then Ty and Chelsie did a really good tango. Scored a 25. Lil' Kim and Derek also got a 25 for their waltz. I have meant to say all season that the stylist on this season's DWTS has been using some gorgeous bracelets. They also got a standing ovation and Bruno said something classic to Lil' Kim "You try to be a lady you're more comfortable being a tramp."

Gilles and Cheryl excelled at a foxtrot to Fever and scored a 29. It was delicious. Melissa and Tony danced to Angel and their waltz got a 27 and a standing ovation. Jim liked her outfit. Yes, Jim commented on clothes. Then we moved to the next round in which the celebrities had to do 15 seconds of a solo during some part of the dance.

Shawn and Mark did a terrific paso doble and got another standing ovation and a 29 which means their total score was a 56. Ty and Chelsie did a rumba and got a 21. Ty's solo for his wife Jewel was entertaining. A great rumba it wasn't. 46 was their total and probably his final week on the show. Lil' Kim and Derek did a salsa and got a 27. Her solo was smokin' and their final score was a 52. Cheryl and Gilles practicing the rumba was hilarious. She said "you look like a monster, I hate that." They danced to Sexual Healing and received a standing ovation. He had been wanting to do the rumba all season. I have to say, his solo at the beginning was a bit odd, sort of moonwalkie. They got a standing ovation, a 27 from the judges, and a final score of 56 which tied them with Shawn and Mark for second. And Melissa and Tony got a perfect score for their salsa. What I think may win it for them in the end is remarks like she made during practice alone the lines of: I'm not a celebrity so can I skip the solo part. She is charming and yet delivers on the dance routine too. Their total was 57.

Star Trek opens Friday. Brien is already gathering his Star Trek toys from Burger King. And collecting Star Trek glasses. I've touched his Kirk and it makes a noise. Very impressive. Of course, it comes in the kids meal. Keep that in mind. Adam is also breathless with antici--say it--pation. (Just threw that in for any Rocky Horror fans reading this.) Jim and I discussed our favorite Star Trek episodes. I thought he meant original series and I'm torn between Trouble with Tribbles, Mirror Mirror and Amok Time. He started naming Next Generation episodes. That's not what we were talking about. (His is Best of Both Worlds Part 1.)

I'm going back into seclusion. Have some Mexican food. It's the right thing to do.