The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #45 Mon 05.11.09

Thank goodness Jim watches a lot of television. That way I can keep up. Celebrity Apprentice is over. Even though I only knew who half of the celebrities were. Joan Rivers and Annie Duke (a professional poker player) were the last two contestants. Joan won the contest for her charity God's Love We Deliver. Her charity started out delivering food to AIDS victims. Now I think it delivers to other terminally ill if I followed the promo correctly.

Amazing Race concluded with Harvard graduates/brother and sister tea Tammy and Victor Jih winning the race. The cheerleader girls came in second which means an all girl team has yet to win the race. And the team Jim was pulling for, the mother and son one, came in third. They had a substantial lead but he just couldn't figure out the surf board challenge and got behind. This was season 14 of the Race.

So, how old is the last surviving person who was aboard the Titanic? She's 98. The Titanic went down in 1912 and Millvina Dean was 6 weeks old. Turns out she needed money to pay her nursing home bills so a photo of her hands signing an autographed was sold and publicized. Word reached James Cameron, Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio and others. And now there's enough money in her fund to pay her expenses for the rest of her life.

Ah, Star Trek XI. It was everything I had hoped it would be and more. Even Jim said it was a good film. And you know he hates everything. I had predicted a weekend take of around $70 million and, of course, I was right. Friday through Saturday it brought in $72.5 million. Add Thursday's take and it's more like $76.5 million. This means more than your core Star Trek fans went to see it. As well they should.

You don't have to be a Star Trek fan to enjoy it as a good action/sci-fi film. You don't have to know anything about Star Trek to follow the storyline either. However, if you do know the original Star Trek series and specifically the film Wrath of Khan, you will be thrilled with the homage paid and lines lifted for your delight. There's a lot to please the Star Trek fan in this film. Jim's only complaint was the Ewok with the skin issues that showed up with Scotty. Yeah, there were a Star Warsian creature or two tossed in. But JJ Abrams is a Star Wars guy. However, I really have no complaint. Khan is my favorite Trek film and this one equals it if not betters it. That's saying a lot.