The Jane Ellen Podcast Summary #50 Mon 05.18.09

Turns out the curmudgeonly Jim had a good birthday yesterday. He accused me of trying to send him to an early grave by supplying him with all his favorite foods...cheese steak sammiches, cheeseburgers (made with turkey mind you), lemon meringue pie (heavenly and made from scratch, what a pain), Slim Jims, Mounds Bars, chocolate donuts, yeah, maybe he's right. And I had to make cupcakes for the girls because birthdays need cupcakes in their eyes. They don't need no stinkin' pie.

Could not believe Angels and Demons beat Star Trek at $48 million, but just barely. Star Trek pulled in $43 million making it the most successful Star Trek film in history. Technically. Star Trek IV Voyage Home, the one with the whales, had been, until now. But ticket prices have changed. Good news, Adam Cravens does own not one but two Star Trek uniforms so all is right with the universe.

This summer they will be filming a Sex and the City movie sequel. And on May 31, Twilight fans will no doubt be watching the awards show on MTV for a snippet of New Moon which will make its debut.

Seems Anoop and Megan the tattoo chick from Idol are a thing. And we all know Adam is out but apparently he has a steady so there you go. Carrie Underwood will appear on the finale. FOX will help you fill your time until Idol begins again in January by running two back-to-back seasons of So You Think You Can Dance. And they will air a preview of one episode of Glee! after Idol this week, much like the Super Bowl, to get you in the mood, and drive you to iTunes. Hey, my show's on there. I'm all for it.

Who was that cutie on Survivor? A totally cleaned up J.T. that's who. James J.T. Thomas Jr. 24 and a millionaire now. First Taj went, then Erinn and then Stephen. J. T. was so liked he got every vote.

Survivor Africa winner Ethan Zohn is now 35 and just started chemo for CD20 positive Hodgkins Lymphoma. He says the only outcome for him is survival.

Jim explains his favorite game on the today's podcast. You must hear it. The game is called Who got the better deal? He explains his theory behind Brad and Angelina, Ashton and Demi, and manages to insult me as well. Seriously, a must hear. Go to www.thejaneellen.com, newly redesigned by the way, and click on Hear Jane. Feel free to play the game yourself. Just realize, there are no winners in this one. Just Jim.