The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #42 Wed 05.06.09

Well, what a night rock night on American Idol turned out to be. Unlike disco night were there was very little boogie brought to the stage, guitarist Slash turned out to be an excellent mentor. Jim did ask if there any rock songs written at some time other than the 70's. Well, maybe not any great ones. And Adam Lambert, or Glambert as one of his fan posters said, did wonders with Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love. Hard to do. I mean, almost impossible to do. He had the look, the deliver and the vocals to back it. It dawned on me that if there were a Broadway show for him to be in, it should be Jesus Christ Superstar which also, totally rocks.

Allison followed with Janis Joplin's Crybaby and did a commendable job with it. She did step up and show some much needed personality when talking with the judges who thought Janis was a good choice but maybe Piece of My Heart should've been chosen. She said that's always done on Idol. She's right. New to the show, duets. Kris and Danny sang Renegade by Styx. Together they harmonized well but Danny did outsing Kris.

Then Kris had to go and sing a Beatles song. Why, why, why did you do it Kris? Sure, Jim pointed out, Aerosmith also had a hit with it. But still. And no, it's not the best Beatles song ever. It was just OK for me. Danny attempted Aerosmith's Dream On. Another tough call. I thought he nailed the final notes in what we heard of the rehearsal but, uh, not so much in performance.

Then you had a great pairing of Allison and Adam with Slow Ride. They really do complement each other vocally. Brien now thinks it will be Allison and Adam as the final two with Allison winning it. I think last night saved her from going this week. The only one I'm sure of staying is Adam. I tend to think Kris is going, but honestly, it could be Danny. And if Danny does go then I do think it will be Allison and Adam at the end. I had been thinking Danny and Adam. We shall see. Daughtry and No Doubt both rock it tonight.

Dancing With the Stars was shocking at best. With two weeks left to go you have Gilles and Cheryl in the semi-finals, plus Melissa and Tony, and Shawn and Mark. That left Lil' Kim and Derek and Ty and Chelsie. Clearly Ty goes home. Obviously, Ty knew that. But no. Lil' Kim was eliminated. Unbelievable. I still can't get over it. As my mom said, people vote on likeability not ability. And mama's always right.