The Jane Ellen Podcast Summary #55 Mon 05.25.09

First of all, Happy Memorial Day. Hope you have had a good one. Yeah, I'm late posting this, but I did get the podcast up in a timely fashion. And it is well worth your time as I was reunited on the air with Kelly Evitts Becker. We spent many, many an hour on the air in the past. But this time we were not hampered by such pesky things as music and commercials. Do go to www.thejaneellen.com to listen. Kelly lives just outside of Hotlanta so we do not get to be in the same room at the same time very often. I found out her real feelings on American Idol. She brought me a stunning Dancing with the Stars poster which my youngest child thought was a poster of her. Kelly told her that yes, it was indeed a picture of her and that she was a very perceptive 2 and a half year old child. Which she is.

Kelly tells her favorite old timey radio stories of me. Ah, they're rich. They're the ones about playing Alabama's "Roll On" for comedic effect and the time I called her date a professional wrestler. I guess I really did say that aloud instead of just think it.

We discuss the CSI writer lawsuit that this real estate couple has going on for $6 million. They say their business was ruined because a real estate deal with this writer didn't work out then a CSI storyline had real estate agents with their same first names but a different last name aired. And the real estate agents were shady. I'd say they're not going to get their six mil. I'd also say I would've done the same thing.

Sir Paul fought Google Street View and won. And Clay Aiken kind of sort of apologized to Adam Lambert for saying his version of "Ring of Fire" made Clay's ears bleed. I thought it was freakin' awesome by the way.

Tomorrow is my oldest child's fourth birthday. This evening is so much more pleasant than the 22 hours of non-fruitful labor I was going through at this time four years ago. I specifically remember choosing to watch the American Idol final and not Lost. We recorded Lost but the record messed up and we only got the first hour. So annoying. We were a few days home with a new baby and all was chill and thought hey, let's watch Lost, they open the hatch for the first time and boom, it ended. But I got to see Carrie Underwood win Idol. I really thought it was going to be Bo Bice that year. Huh, what did I know? Anyway, I must prepare for tomorrow. She is very excited.