The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #57 Wed 05.27.09

Twitter without Ashton? That's a no good boss. But he has threatened to stop his tweets which would no doubt upset his over 2 million, yes, 2 million followers, if Twitter goes ahead with that Twitter TV show. Only problem is, the details about the show are still vague as far as I can see. Ashton's point is valid, he doesn't want to be stalked or promote stalking. So let's say you have non-celebrities trying to win money and using Twitter to get clues and following celebrities around, well, that's a pain. Major celebrities are followed enough without the promise of cash and prizes. Or are some celebrities choosing to participate in the show? See, it's just not clear. And how did Ashton get so many followers? He had a bet with CNN and he won. How about I just get 100? Not a million, just 100. If you're not following, just find thejaneellen on Twitter, so simple. Then I'll feel as powerful as Ashton. Well, almost.

Microsoft is about to pummel your senses with advertising for their new search engine called Bing which they hope will challenge Google. You will soon seen ads for Bing everywhere because they've spent something like $100 million to get the word out.

I have a delightful story to tell where I must protect the name of my BFF who I call Binge Eater in this one. Hey, I'm a food addict. I've lost 200 pounds. I deal with food issues every day. I understand food problems. And I sure know how food can make you feel happy. If you want to hear what Binge Eater did, and some bizarre things I have done which may surprise you, listen to today's podcast at www.thejaneellen.com.

There is talk that Hollywood is making a Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie without creator Joss Whedon. The original movie was not so great. But the TV show is awesome and all available on DVD. I highly recommend it.

And there is talk that Kris Allen fans were able to send 10 texts at a time on their AT&T phones and so out-voted Adam Lambert fans because they had fan watching parties and really concentrated on it. Huh. And Jim implied offensive things. As usual.

But that's how these podcasts go.