The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #49 05.15.09

Well, will Angels and Demons beat Star Trek at the box office this weekend? I think not. Maybe. But still. Sure, it has Tom Hanks and Obi Wan Kenobi in it. However, Da Vinci Code was a few years ago, it will do well and all, but Star Trek has such great word of mouth that I think it will dominate. I've seen it twice in the past week and I already want to see it again. Sure, I err on the side of geek. One of my friends remarked that it is so surprising that I am so very geeky by the way, I think that it will pull ahead. Follow this, Angels and Demons was written before Da Vinci Code but the story takes place after it. And, oddly enough, it is one of the few books where I remember the ending. I have the ability to read books and forget the ending. It's just a thing I can do. Because I can recall this one so clearly I have no desire to see it in the theater. I'll watch it on my cool hi-def TV instead. The next film I will see in the theater is Harry Potter. Some movies you just have to see big. Angels and Demons is rated PG 13.

To counter program against sci fi and action you have the R rated comedy/romance Management with Jennifer Aniston, Steve Zahn and Woody Harrelson. Steve and Jennifer have a fling. She goes back to boyfriend Woody. Comedy ensues. I have heard nothing about this film. For real. But Steve Zahn is in one of my favorite movies, with Tom Hanks, That Thing You Do. Coincidence? I think not.

Oh, back to Star Trek, Chris Pine, total hottie Captain Kirk, is in GQ modeling. Working some summer suits. And doing a great job of it. Seems he was in Smokin' Aces and some Lindsay Lohan film before Star Trek. And he's 28. That's all I got.

Dancing with the Stars can lead to much employment. There's a classy burlesque show in Vegas called Peep Show about Bo Peep. It has starred Melanie Brown, Scary Spice as you may know her. It currently employs Kelly Monaco who won the first DWTS. And it will soon star Holly Madison. Oddly enough, Bo Beep does not go topless.

OK, Survivor, it ends this Sunday. If you did not see last night's Coach-centric episode then find it on youtube or hulu or somewhere and enjoy his martyrdom. Get in a good eye roll or ten. Oh my. Jim is right. I'm pulling for Taj. I mean, I won't be bent out of shape if one of the others win, but I find her the most appealing. Coach is, as Taj put it, a "drama queen." He goes to Exile Island and says he's not going to eat or sleep because that's what his American Indian ancestors would've done. And he's 37? I thought he was more like 50. Well, he's gone now. Great casting on the part of the producers though. He is the thorn you want in everyone's side in a show like that. I can see why they chose him. Just thrilled that he is gone. Aaaahhhh. Best part was at tribal council when he shared a poem he had written and they go to the jury and they're all rolling their eyes. Nice, nice, nice. I can only imagine what it was like being stuck out there with him. Am so glad I didn't have to go through it.

Jim's birthday is Sunday. He's going to be very old. This is your card.