The One About Weird Food

Having just discovered the delightful combination of dark chocolate covered pomegranate which I continue to swear is a fruit, not candy. My friends and I have been discussing about even more combinations of food because, quite frankly, we're obsessed. Food has always brought people together. It should anyway. I remember writing letters to friends, yes, actual letters, where I would put just a smear of their favorite cheese dip on the side of the paper from their favorite restaurant to let them know I had been there in their absence. These days, I take a picture of it with my phone. Hey, look, it's your favorite food. Too bad you're not here eating it with me. It's all about bringing people together. Or taunting them. Almost the same thing.

Just the other day Brien tried a food combination experiment right before my eyes. Pot roast and gravy combined with a yellow cake cupcake buried under chocolate frosting. Two separate forkfuls. He did it twice because he couldn't decide if it was disgusting or interesting or what. Separately, each dish was tasty. Fascinating what drives a person to put the two together. I combine a lot of different foods. However, it has never crossed my mind to put those two items together. In my mouth. At the same time. One following the other, sure.

Most people are truly revolted at my favorite breakfast sandwich I developed as a child. I will gladly share it with you here. I only did this on Sundays by the way. That's when mom cooked eggs and various pork products. Scrambled eggs usually, with ketchup. So you have that combination going on. Then there's the toast or English muffin with peanut butter. And either bacon or some type of sausage, doesn't matter. Yes, stack 'em up. It's easier with bacon, but you need a can do attitude if you're using link sausage, and it's just as good. So let's say you've got peanut butter toast, then put on your bacon followed by the ketchup covered eggs. Heavenly. I don't recall the last time I ate one of those creations. But every once in a while, on the rare occasion that I do have sausage in the house, I will cut off a piece and put peanut butter on it. Hey, don't knock it. And that goes for kielbasa as well.

I have yet to freeze pickle juice and have a pickle pop. Though I know people who swear by them. But I have had fried pickles and am a pickle fan in general. I'm not saying I won't try it. I just haven't worked up to it yet.

I will not knowingly eat bugs whether they are fried or covered in chocolate. However I do know that there is a percentage of bugs or animal hair and stuff that is considered OK by the U.S. government to be in our food. I looked it up once. I then had to put it completely out of my mind. Just like those mites that live in our eyelashes and eyebrows. My rational mind knows they're there. I just can't think about it.

I wonder. Will I do something outrageous and daring today regarding a food combination? Will I discover some amazing new taste? Or will I just stick to the usual? I dunno. I'm open to suggestion. There's a weird food chat forum at www.thejaneellen.com. Perhaps there's something I really need to try to make my life complete and I just don't know about it yet. Because believe me, I didn't know what I was missing until I found the dark chocolate covered pomegranate. And doctors say they're both good for you. I can't name any names, but, doctors say. It's a win-win in my book.