The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #54

What do Star Trek XI and Terminator Salvation have in common? They both have 20-year-old Russian born actor Anton Yelchin. The new Terminator movie is rated PG 13 and stars Christian Bale as John Connor. McG, who I love, is the director. McG is behind one of my favorite shows, Supernatural. Much like with Supernatural, the color of the entire film is, well, almost absent. He does things with color. If you have not seen the original film Terminator it is a must-see. It's just that cool.

Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian is a PG comedy with Ben Stiller, Hank Azaria and Amy Adams. The first Night movie was based on a children's book. This one is based on the first movie. It looks ponderous at best, but I'm jaded. Steven Soderbergh has directed an indie film about a call girl who provides financiers The Girlfriend Experience. It's rated R and it's the first mainstream film that adult film actress Sasha Grey has starred in. I am unfamiliar with her work, but Jim seemed to know all about her. And the Wayans brothers have been given money to make another parody film, the time about dance movies. It's called Dance Flick and is rated PG 13.

Speaking of dancing, So You Think You Can Dance premiered on FOX last night. They had some new judges whose names I haven't bothered to learn. The most inspiring dancer was a girl with normal sized arms and legs and yet she only had three vertebrae so her neck and body seemed smaller. She was good, but not good enough. And there was a first, a same sex couple doing a ballroom dance. One guy was gay, one was straight. They were good, even though they fell. They made it to the choreography round but I don't believe they got through to Vegas. Naturally, it was unclear who the final 20 were who did get the ticket. Meh.

Aren't you thrilled and excited that it costs you nothing to visit www.thejaneellen.com? And yet, for the Ultimate Membership, it costs $29.95 a year for Clay Aiken's website www.clayonline.com. Having not watched this past season but for a few minutes, he posted a blog about the finale. He says he only heard Adam sing Ring of Fire and it made his ears bleed. And he said "American Idol stopped being about real people." Jim and I had much to say about what American Idol has turned into. I suggest you listen to today's podcast.

Clay and Ruben's finale was the most watched Idol finale, I think around 38 million viewers, Kelly Clarkson's had the least number of viewers. Kelly was season one and it was a summer show then. Kris and Adam's finale tied with Fantasia for second to last in numbers at 28.84 million viewers. Which is still 9.8 million more than the Grammy Awards. Which explains why so many artists perform on Idol. Even though their numbers are down, it is still hugely successful.

Now, I must finish getting ready for our nephew Adam's wedding. We have at least a two hour car trip, Memorial Day weekend. Ugh. The kids, no nap, the driving. They'll be wound up. I hope they don't destroy the place.