The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #51 Tue 05.19.09

Finally, no filler on Dancing with the Stars. And, I changed my mind. I had thought it would come down to Gilles and Melissa. Though, really, it is the final three and then they just start to eliminate until there is a winner. I really liked how all three couples danced the same dance, the paso doble, to the same song, separately, and as a group. I thought that really made it as fair as possible. Because, you know, it really is hard to judge a Latin number up against a ballroom number. So, how did it turn out? Shawn and Mark got a 28 with their paso, Melissa and Tony got a 29, and Cheryl and Gilles got a 30. A few years ago I had no idea what a paso doble was. Now I just toss the term around like I'm some sort of expert.

Then they moved on to the freestyle. And this is where I feel they really nail the competition. What was so remarkable about Shawn's routine wasn't that it was full of gymnastic tricks. No, it was that Mark was matching her flip for flip. Plus, they were dancing as much as they were flipping. They got a well-deserved 30. That gave them a total of 58.

Melissa and Tony sexed it up for a hip hop number on their freestyle. It was good. I don't have a complaint. I just can't put my finger on what was missing. But something was. And that's why I changed my mind. They received a 28 with a total of 56.

Then Cheryl and Gilles brought out the nostalgia factor with Oh What A Feelin' from Flashdance. Gilles sure can wear a torn shirt well. They had the classic moves from the movie and even though only Len gave them a 10 they did get a 28. I think going for the memory will be enough to move the voters. Well, it's over with now. We'll find out who won tonight. I sense it will be Gilles. Sure, it could be Shawn. I do not think it will l be Melissa.

E! online interviewed Adam and Kris. No real revelations. Kris said he wasn't going to try and out sing Adam and Adam said he didn't think there were any secrets anymore. They both felt that by making the finale that they had won. They were two different types of singers and it was up to the voters. They were friends and cool with the outcome. Which is the smart way to approach it. They perform tonight.

What has been the longest running prime time drama in TV? Gunsmoke. What will tie it? Law & Order. It starts its 20th year in the fall.

The Next Top Model folks say Paulina being asked to leave the show was the result of budget cuts because they are not immune to the recession either.

And oddly enough, Jim and I don't agree on how to raise the children. Find out how we differ by listening to today's show at www.thejaneellen.com at Hear Jane.