The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #43 05.07.09

What an interesting study I can across. Organic, fancy-schmancy dog food is of such high quality that somebody decided to do a study. 3 out of 18 people tested couldn't tell the difference between such dog food and one of my favorite things, for real, liverwurst. I do love liverwurst aka braunschweiger. My friend Mike and I share a roll of it about once or twice a year because we know it's not good for us and our respective spouses don't eat it.

Idol was a bit of a surprise because they told Kris, who I thought would go, that he was safe right off. Turns out Allison went home last night and the three guys get to visit their home towns next week. Brien is bummed. He now thinks Kris might win and that ticks him off. Jim thinks that might happen as well.

No Doubt performed I'm Just A Girl and Gwen said they're hoping a tour will put them in mind to write an album. And Paula danced and lip-synced her latest song. It is the first time Paula Abdul has performed on the show so the album must not be selling well.

Lost was awesome. And it ends next week. I'm telling you, it doesn't look good for Miles seeing as his dad, Dr. Chang, knows that adult Miles is his son and adult Miles got closure seeing how his dad had to yell at his mom to save her and infant Miles to get them to leave the island before the explosion that killed the Dharma initiative people. Charlotte came back and died, even though as a girl you see her leave. Daniel got shot by his mother. I'm telling you, I'm worried for Miles. The whole idea is Daniel was going to set off a bomb to set things right because the bomb would destroy the device that was responsible for bringing down Oceanic flight 815. However, by doing that and changing the future, that means Kate and Jack never meet because if the plane doesn't crash they have no need to speak on the plane. A dilemma. In the meantime, in Lost's present time, newly risen John Locke says he's going to kill Jacob. Does that mean prove Jacob doesn't exist? Is Richard who never ages really Jacob? Richard is hot by the way. Hate it that Lost ends next week. My depression never ends.

On that note I must go see my plastic surgeon to see how this neck is healing. The only reason I'm leaving the house. Hey, I haven't worn shoes since I saw her last Friday. Haven't worn shoes since last Friday. Even though Brien begged me to put on my Vera Wangs the other day. So I'm off.