The Jane Ellen Podcast Summary # 47 Wed 05.13.09

Dancing with the Stars was no great surprise. Ty Murray did not make the cut and so the final three couples are Gilles and Cheryl, Shawn and Mark, Melissa and Tony. I still think it will come down to Gilles and Cheryl against Melissa and Tony. We shall see. I think it's great marketing, even though it's obviously filler, that they're using the viewers to pick the next professional dancer. Will it be Mayo or Anna? I suspect it will be Anna. Her being paired with Maks had nothing to do with my decision.

Paulina Porizkova got cut loose from America's Next Top Model. Allegedly for ego issues. On her birthday of all days.

Michael Jackson has hired Kenny Ortega, the guy behind High School Musical, to choreograph his London shows. Jim feels Michael couldn't sell a lot of tickets in the states. I think he could sell the tickets. But he's playing in London so it really doesn't matter now does it.

The Biggest Loser ended after 179 days. $250,000 went to 48-year-old Helen who started the show at 257 lbs. She lost 140 and now weighs 117. That's 54% of her body weight. That's what they go by, percentage of body weight. And so she won. Jim heard the complaint about the show is that people are forced to work about about eight hours a day, something they don't do in the real world. Awesome that they lost the weight though. I hope they can keep it off.

Now, let's talk Idol. the judges chose a song and the contestants chose a song. I'm glad they didn't sing a song they sang already this season as they had done in years past. Danny started with Terence Trent D'Arby's Dance Little Sister (great debut album by D'Arby way back when by the way, look into it). Paula chose it. Great job. Kris was given One Republic's Apologize as chosen by Cara and Randy. And he did a standard rendition of it. Which they complained about. I liked that Simon pointed out they chose the song and then had issue with his rendition. There was nothing wrong with it. It simply wasn't all changed up. But it wasn't bad. It just was. Then Simon called his buddy Bono to get permission to use One from U2. And Adam did an amazing job with it. Different arrangement. Stunning. However, I thought I was hallucinating because I thought he was in Vulcan makeup. Haircut. Pointy ears. It was actually the back lighting hitting the wires which led to the things in his ears. Seriously, look at the footage again. Vulcan. So, I've seen Star Trek twice in less than a week. But he did look like a Vulcan.

Then Danny did the unthinkable. He took a song I can't stand and made it awesome. It's Joe Cocker's You Are So Beautiful. It was so good. Kris took on Kanye's Heartless. Better than Kanye. Did it with an acoustic guitar. Amazing. Kris back in the game. Then Glambert steps up with Aerosmith's Cryin'. Terrific. Nice that Simon pointed out you have to vote for Adam. Just don't expect him to be in the final as everyone does. What a shocker if he doesn't make the final.

In my opinion, the top four will all be signed. Jim prefers Adam doing rock songs. But he thinks Kris is more marketable in today's world. From those I spoke with today, they expect Kris to go tonight. Ah, but will he?

And the two hour season finale of Lost is tonight. Jim asked why Hurley has been carrying around a guitar case. I assumed it was Charlie's. And maybe full of food. Hadn't thought that much about it but Jim's right. They haven't really explained it. Aaaaa, why did he have to bring that up?