The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #146 Wed 09.30.09

Just Say No. That's what Kelly Osbourne has done. And she hasn't even been asked yet. But if Playboy gets any crazy ideas. She's not gonna do it. Unlike me and Adam. We'll take our clothes off for a decent amount. Kelly is safe on DWTS. Kathy Ireland is gone. And regarding that reality show appearance money those people from The Hills get. For 25 large you could get me, Adam, Brien AND Nathan. And we'd stay more than just two hours. Now that's some serious entertainment. Plus Adam would strip down for you too.

A poll was conducted and 15,000 women supplied the answers we needed. German men are the world's worst lovers because they are too smelly. English are too lazy and Swedish men are too quick. Americans are too dominating and Dutch are too rough while Greek are too soppy. What's soppy? The best are the Spanish, followed by the Brazilians (because they wax) and the Italians.

This creepy guy in Illinois was sneaking into apartments and rubbing on the legs of women until they woke up and then running away. This led Adam and I to speak like the pedophile on The Family Guy. Therefore you have to listen to the show to appreciate it www.thejaneellen.com click on Hear Jane.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 will soon be Kate Plus 8 with rare appearances by Jon. Hey, he just contributed the sperm anyway.

We also chatted about Kim Cattrall and Star Trek because we could. I have a lot of cooking to do. And cleaning. But I'm not barefoot. And I'm not pregnant.