The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #142 Thu 09.24.09

No big surprises on DWTS. Macy Gray and Ashley Hamilton were the first two celebrities to be eliminated. It's not just about skills, or lack thereof, it's about fan base. And, because I'm about shameless self-promotion, I almost qualify now for Dancing With the Almost Recognizable.

Wednesday I was part of a country music video. I won't tell you what it was. Yet. But it does feature two major male country music singers who do not normally sing together. I met some fabulous people. And do not say that sarcastically either. I have many stories to share. I only told a few on today's show due to my increased tendency to ramble. The extreme lack of sleep was really kicking my arse. I told you I would arrive in my AC/DC shirt to show how I cool I was. It worked on Nathan who recognized my coolness immediately and we bonded. Nathan Stoops is not only super hot, he is a songwriter and is country singer Chris Cagle's fiddle player. He also has a wicked sense of humor. And he can transform into Cary Elwes circa The Princess Bride. "As you wiiiish!"

I will save my mocking of Cassie's food choices for a later show, because it's worth it. Some photos are up on my Facebook, more to come. The video should be done in about 2-3 weeks. Besides one of the singers, d'oh, I am the only one wearing a black hat. No, not a cowboy hat, but a vintage pillbox with a veil. No, it's not over my face take that back how dare you!

Hey, it's National Punctuation Day. Punctuation and spelling, two things that really, really need to be checked. Especially if it's on a sign. So what I love about this site is if you see something incorrect on a sign, they'll post the picture you send. Ah, that's rich. I'll say.

The Facebook movie is actually going to be called The Social Network. I had no idea Jim was such a huge fan of Justin Timberlake's acting skills. But he has seen all of his movies. No lie. He says he's very good. And that's a big deal because Jim hates everyone. Justin has been cast as Sean Parker who started Napster and had a hand in Facebook as well.

In North America, Japan (where our Brien Travis is HUGE), and in Great Britain, The Beatles sold 2.25 million copies of the remastered box sets which are roughly $300 each. Yowza. Oh, in five days.

Flash Forward makes its debut tonight TV. Listen up. It's a SCRIPTED television show. I know, I know. How fresh. Now it is against Survivor Samoa. But still, record it. The entire world blacks out at the same time and gets a glimpse of what they will be doing six months in the future. So the question is, do we see it play out? Will the couple about to be married and who have seen themselves miserable go through with it? Will those who see nothing do things differently because they will be dead? Can the future be changed? Fascinating. Sounds a bit Lostian, yet I am intrigued.