The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #138 Fri 09.18.09

Jim brought a Dilbert to my attention as it reminded him so much of me. I shall share it with you. Devil boss guy whose name I know not "Alice. I thought it was time for us to have a little mentoring session." "How does this make sense when I'm more capable than you in every important way?" "Maybe we can skip the part where I say you need to be more confident and speak out at meetings." "Duh." I believe I may have even said such things like that to various supervisors. All of it warranted.

Movies in theaters this weekend: the animated Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs is PG Family, The Informant is R Action, Jennifer's Body is R Horror, Love Happens is PG 13 Drama.

T-Rex, big and scary. And 35 million years before it Raptorex. 150 lbs. and 9 feet long. Here's the catch, it also had the tiny arms. That's kind of having scientists rethinking the whole why did T-Rex have tiny arms theory. Remember when there used to be a brontosaurus and they had the wrong head on the skeleton and...am I dating myself here?

Katherine Jackson will receive $86,804 a month to support Michael's three kids. What we don't know is this. Is that just clothing and food and fun money or is that pay a security and teaching staff money? Jim said if it's fun money buy them a ball, they're good, that's a lot of dough.

There's this poor guy who has been in traction for almost half a year. He says the hospital has been great to him. But the food, not so much. He has started a game called Hospital Food Bingo and you can see the photos he has posted. It's awesome.

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