The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #137 Thu 09.17.09

Adam was my Charlie today, speakerphone and all. His batmobile was non-functional and we just had time for a quickie. I had to leave for quality time with my brilliant plastic surgeon Dr. Caroline Chester. She is tweaking the brilliant work she has done on my remodeling. Today we went with the fraxel laser. Adam and I wondered if she thought of Dr. Evil every time she picked up the "laser." Because my touch of OCD would not let me stop. "Laser." Adam figured she had heard that joke over and over. Adam was wrong. She had never seen any Austin Powers films. So it was all fresh. Best part, if you put the laser on let's say, my arm, it said in a computer voice "don't touch me there." Oh, it was hilarious.

Abercrombie & Fitch are suing Beyonce because they say the fragrance she is releasing through Coty called Sasha Fierce. A&F have had a men's cologne called Fierce since 2002. You can see how a women's fragrance with Beyonce's face on it called Sasha Fierce would be confusing. They say they have the trademark on the word fierce. Uh-huh.

Did you know there is a Pole Dance Doll aimed at little girls? Well, there is. And don't be all appalled because the doll isn't even all tarted it up. It's stupid-looking. It's not like it's a Bratz doll on a pole. It's just bizarre and awkward-looking.

Dancing With The Stars begins Monday and Tom DeLay has already got a pre-stress fracture in his foot. He says he knows if it breaks he'll have to leave the show but he's going to continue to dance on it until it does. His partner is Cheryl Burke.

"I'm so sorry, he's from Barcelona." Fawlty Towers. Good times. Seems the phrase "son of a bitch" is used to commonly in Barcelona that a man who called his boss that, and crazy, and was fired because of it, got his job back on appeal. Or would get what amounts to almost ten grand in compensation. Don't know if the employer chose to have him back or just pay him. Well, to have him back would just be crazy.

Do listen to the show, Adam sounds like he's talking through a Star Trek communicator. It amused us. www.thejaneellen.com Hear Jane.